Business details & Standards

Purpose of establishment

The purpose is to expand the cultivation area of crops for export, improve production efficiency, develop high value-added products, and stably export mainly to English-speaking countries and regions.

Description of business

Expansion of cultivation area of crops for export

By reducing the cultivation cost, the burden on the cultivation of organic crops will be reduced, leading to an expansion of the area.

Improving production efficiency of export crops

Develop a cultivation management system for the purpose of improving work efficiency, sharing information between farmers, and reducing production costs.

Stable export of high value-added products

We will carry out market research and work on the development of high value-added products that suit the situation based on the results.

Stable export of high value-added products

We will promote Niigata’s high value-added products through various media including videos. Realize low cost and stable export business by consolidating logistics.

Business incidental to the implementation of the above business

Main business

  • 1. Survey of market and consumer needs
  • 2. Promotion of high value-added products for export (sales of goods, recruitment of regular members, etc.)
  • 3. Standard setting and examination of high value-added products
  • 4. Book management (logistics, export, trading company, etc.)
  • 5. Other various operations

The standards of Mirice Niigata

Certification criteria

The definition of “high added value” is set based on surveys in developed areas, and products that meet the following criteria set by this council are registered as high value-added products and purchased from general members.

1) Criteria for high added value

  • The taste value is 80 points or more, which is generally said to be good.
  • The pesticides to be tested have not been detected in the pesticide residue inspection of 250 items.
  • The radioactivity measurement inspection shows that the value is below the standard value set by the country of export destination.

2) Price setting

  • Delivery price: Determined by survey.
  • Wholesale price: Determined by survey.

3) Registration criteria may change in the event of major climate change or bad or poor crops.

How to use the certification mark

We will distribute stickers to be attached to rice bags for overseas export. We will consider each time regarding rice milling, shipping method, etc. and respond individually.