Bringing Niigata rice
to the world and the future.

ミライス ニイガタ

= Mirice Niigata

While rice agriculture in Niigata is in jeopardy, we are heading to the world for sustainable agriculture.

Rice in Niigata Prefecture was once one of the leading rice producing areas in Japan, which was highly evaluated.
However, due to the recent branding of each domestic production area and the deterioration of taste, the status of Niigata prefecture production is not solid.

By having Niigata rice highly evaluated in the world again, we will increase the value as a reimported brand, raise the price of Niigata rice, and stabilize the price by increasing exports and reducing domestic inventory. We aim to increase the income of farmers.

未来+ライス+新潟 = ミライスニイガタ